Paros Luxurious Villas Top Locations

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What is the most exceptional Greek destination? It is doubtless Paros. Surrounded by the famous Antiparos, Mykonos, Syros, Sifnos and Naxos islands, located in the middle of the Cyclades, it is the Aegean Sea’s heart. Due to its placement, Paros has absorbed each Greek isle culture. So visiting it, you will have a feeling of being everywhere in Greece.

Golden sands, crystal-clear waters, stunning mountainous landscapes, a wide variety of water activities, and exciting nightlife await you in Paros. All you need to dive into this pleasure is to rent a private villa. Before booking, it is worth discovering what Paros luxury villas locations are the most gorgeous and visited; and what villas types feature each island destination. So the following digest is to ease your searches.

Ambelas Village

Here you will find highly modern and, at the same time, authentic-design estates hosting from 6 to 16 guests, so big company holidays are welcome here. Most villas are two-floor and seaside. Despite the high privacy and seclusion, there is a range of entertainment and outdoor activities nearby almost every accommodation. Moreover, you may get such distinct advantages within these villa rentals as:

  • Walking distance to the beach.
  • Private gardens and awe-inspiring lush vegetation landscapes.
  • Large pool with spacious sea view terrace.
  • Roof lounge area, a pool bar and BBQ.
  • Outdoor and indoor jacuzzi.

Ambelas village is also an extremely popular yoga retreat spot owing to its pristine nature and tranquil vibes. Regarding all the earlier mentioned, the most adored options by travelers are Amaryllis, Majesty and Splendor. All these are part of the Signature Portfolio, ensuring 5-star service.

Makria Miti Village

If you are an aesthetics appreciator, this Paros villas location will undoubtedly enchant you. A fancy interior combined with local coloring and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and Antiparos island just from your bedroom window will make your vacation unforgettable. Makria Miti estates are commonly one-layer and vivid examples of Cycladic architecture. They are ready to accommodate, on average, from 6 to 12 people. This Paros destination will be a perfect romantic getaway since its private villas provide excellent social isolation together with separated beaches where you may enjoy the time of two. Besides, there are plenty of other evident benefits of Makria Miti dwelling booking.

  • Two independent villas in one estate.
  • Infinity pool with a stunning mountain or sea view.
  • Shaded large lounge area, BBQ and a pool bar.
  • Gym with aerobic equipment.
  • Private path to the beach.

To luxuriate with all the previous preferences visit such villas: Duette, Sugar Cube and Olympia

Kolymbithres Village

Being the Cyclades’ heartbeat, this place is about both tranquility and fun. Kolymbithres stone-made villas with contemporary design touches and first-class amenities will make your holidays comfortable and carefree. In a close drive distance to Naoussa town and Kolymbithres beach, you can experience luxurious local restaurants, cocktail bars and authentic shop vibes. Choosing villas of Kolymbithres, the following facilities are at your disposal:

  • Terraces with fascinating sea views.
  • Extensive pool with an alfresco lounge area.
  • Easy access to the beach.
  • Outdoor fireplace.
  • Stone-built BBQ.

Danae, Agnes and Cantera are the hottest Kolymbithres villas, considering the pros mentioned above.


Going to Paros and hesitate about what location and dwelling are better to rent? Review our top list of Paros luxury villas, select your cup of tea and a striking getaway is on the bag.